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„eXtreme 2×100 km“

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Eleventh, four days, endurance march

eXtreme 2×100 km“ 2016 05 26/29

Jurbarkas – Jurbarkas – Jurbarkas


Baltic Walking Association


Jurbarkas A. Giedraicio-Giedriaus gymnasium (address: Vyduno str. 15, Jurbarkas)


  • 200 km. (05 26/29)
  • 100 km. (05 26/27)
  • 100 km. (05 28/29)
  • 10+ km. (05 26+)
  • 10+ km. (05 28+)


Jurbarkas A. Giedraicio-Giedriaus gymnasium (address: Vyduno str. 15, Jurbarkas)


2016.05.26, Thursday, first day

08:00-09:45 hrs. – arrival and final registration (200 km, 100 km (05 26/27), 10+ km (05 26+))

09:45-10:00 hrs. – opening ceremony

10:00 hrs. – start

2016.05.27, Friday, second day

10:00 hrs. – finish first 100 km stage

10:00-12:00 hrs. – awards (100 km (05 26/27))

2016.05.27 10:00 hrs. – 2016.05.28 10:00 hrs. – rest time (Jurbarkas A.Giedraicio-Giedriaus gymnasium sports hall)

2016.05.28, Saturday, third day

08:00-09:45 hrs. – arrival and final registration (200 km, 100 km (05 28/29), 10+ km (05 28+))

10:00 hrs. – start

2016.05.29, Sunday, fourth day

10:00 hrs. – 200 km and second 100 km stage finish

10:00-12:00 hrs. – awards (200 km, 100 km (05 28/29))


Group and individual pre-registration for 200 km, 100 km (05 26/27), 100 km (05 28/29)  distance from March 31st. till April 26th. by email: info@pza.lt.

Group and individual pre-registration for 10+ km (05 26+ and 05 28+) distance from March 31st. till May 16th. info@pza.lt


– First Name, Last Name
– Date of birth
– Telephone number
– Selected distance (200 km, 100 km (05 26/27), 100 km (05 28/29), 10+ km (05 26+), 10+ km (05/28+).

– Group Name

– Group Leader (First Name, Last Name, Telephone Nr.)
– Word or Excell sheet with participants (First Name, Last Name, D.O.B., Telephone Nr.)

– Selected Distance for every participant (200 km, 100 km (05 26/27), 100 km (05 28/29), 10+ km (05 26+), 10+ km (05/28+).
P.S. Group leader brings printed group composition upon arrival for final registration.



50 € – 200 km – „Knights Cross“ with helmet
30 € – 100 km – „Knights Cross“ without helmet
10 € – 10+ km – diploma
+2€ – late registration fee if registration received later than indicated terms for pre-registration.

  1. General rules

1.1. Extreme 2 x 100 km march is held annually on the 4th weekend of May. March takes place during any weather conditions.

1.2. Application is open to marching groups of members of armed forces, police forces, border patrol, military schools, as well as civil participants from Lithuania and abroad. In order to be eligible to participate in eXtreme 2 x 100 km march participant must be at least 18 years old.

1.3. Information about the eXtreme 2 x 100 km march on the website:www.pza.lt also https://www.facebook.com/pzasociacija

1.4. Completion of the eXtreme 2 x 100 km march routes:

1.4.1. the entire 2 x 100 km distance must be completed by walking and in group compositions. Groups must consist of minimum three participants. Groups must have their own logistical support (beverages, food, etc.).

1.4.2. Intermediate stages of the Extreme 2 x 100 km march can be completed individually. If participant is less than 18 years old he must be accompanied by parents, guardians or leaders of organized groups. Start and finish locations are indicated on the website www.pza.lt , alsohttps://www.facebook.com/pzasociacija march program and march map.

1.4.3. Every 100 km distance must be completed in 24 hours.

  1. Dress code

2.1. Members of armed forces, wearing military uniform ( foreigners working dress); retired army personnel in uniform or civil, dark footwear appropriate for field terrain; members of border patrol, police, civil defense organization following respective orders, appropriate footwear.

2.2. Carrying of arms is prohibited.

2.3. For civil participants dressing is optional. Civil participants should wear appropriate footwear.

III. Rewards

3.1. Each participant, who fulfills the requirements, receives the respective medal and/or diploma.

  1. Payment, changes

4.1. On location, no credit- or debit card nor checks are accepted. The registration fee is required to be paid in EUROS, in cash.

4.2. Participants from abroad are required to pay the registration fee in EUROS, in cash at the registration desk.

4.3. Registration fees are non refundable.

  1. Participation-card

5.1. Each individual participant receives a participation-card at the registration desk. Marching groups in addition get the start number (one number per group), which is to be worn clearly visible.

5.2. Any changes must be made at the registration office before starting. Upon loss of the marching card, no reward will be handed out.

5.3. The participation-card is to be presented at all checkpoints spontaneously.

  1. Violations, complaints, expulsion

6.1. Participants behaving inappropriately, whose attitude or dress doesn’t conform to the application or the regulations will be disqualified by the Controlling Personnel immediately or upon arrival at the finish. Those will receive no reward whatsoever.

6.2. If participants witness any inappropriate behavior or violation, they are required to report the incident to the nearest Controlling Personnel and give their own name.

6.3. Complaints are to be handed in to the Organizing Committee upon arrival at the finish, latest 15 min after the closing of the finish, in written and with explanation. The decision of the Organizing Committee of the Extreme 2 x 100 km march is final and will be immediately communicated to the claimant in oral.

VII. Prevention of accidents

7.1. All participants of the march have to follow strictly the Traffic Law concerning pedestrians.

7.2. Participants are required to march on the left side of streets. Whenever a sidewalk is available, it has to be used. Highways and motorways are strictly off limits.

7.3. Interrupting the march by using public transportation or any other vehicle is strictly prohibited.

7.4. In general, dogs are to be lead on a leash.

7.5. Driving on marching routes and parking on break areas by non legitimated persons are prohibited.

7.6. All participants of the march agree by applying, that they are sufficiently prepared and in a state of health which permits them to participate in the march.

  1. Acceptance of March rules and regulations

8.1. By applying, the participant accepts the herein mentioned rules and regulations.



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6 “eXtreme 2x100km” marches

Baltic Walking Association


Mob.: +370 657 61037

E-mail.: info@pza.lt


eXtreme 2x100 medalis nuo 2016

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